Dedicated to Facilitating Agent Success

At Home Wiz USA, we take the conventional way of doing business and make it 100% effective. Whether you are an established Realtor® or just starting out, we can offer you the tools to achieve goals you never thought possible.

We have a proven sytem in place to help our Realtors® succeed in today's complex market. This includes strategic lead generation and targetted programs.



100% Commission Program:

Unlike the traditional brokerage/realtor commission split, Home Wiz USA allows for a 100% commission with a nominal monthly fee. We believe this business model gives you, the agent, an advantage over your competitors and inspires a greater amount of loyalty to our company. Instead of having to expend energy arguing with your broker over commission percentages, you can use your energy negotiating on your client’s behalf.


Training and Personal Coaching:

The emotional bond between the Broker and his sales associates does not exist in most real estate firms. Raul E. Orta, founder and CEO of Home Wiz USA, has taken significant steps to reignite this connection by assuming the responsibility of assisting every new Realtor® in developing their real estate career.

Personal Marketing and Support:

Raul and his team have designed an agent branding system. Once this specific marketing program is in place, the agent is recognized as the real estate specialist in their respective submarket “farm” area.

Group Health Insurance:

Typically, group health insurance coverage is not offered to independent contractors. Home Wiz USA has made true group health insurance an affordable option for every Realtor® and their family, available immediately upon joining our company.

One Stop Shopping Concept:

Working with our affiliate company provides our realtors with several possible streams of income along with the opportunity to oversee and guide each sale through to closing. This includes, Security Title to handle closing. You have complete control.


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