Raul Orta



Raul E. Orta is a man driven to change the face of the real estate industry.

At the age of nine, Raul’s parents relocated to Miami. After graduating from Florida Atlantic University and earning his Masters degree at Nova Southeastern University, he became the fourth generation family member to make real estate his life’s passion.

Active in the business for over thirty years as a Real Estate Broker, investor, personal coach, mentor and public speaker, Raul is now the force behind Home Wiz USA, a dynamic, highly innovative approach to buying and selling property. The company’s mission: to facilitate agent success through personal coaching, support, and a competitive 100% commission structure.


After decades of being involved in the real estate industry, Raul became convinced that the traditional real estate business model is obsolete and unsustainable. In an effort to evolve with the needs of modern real estate agents and consumers, Raul has combined his own experiences with modern technology, traditional training and proven sales techniques, in order to develop a unique, innovative marketing strategy.

Home Wiz USA offers a “hands on“ performance based mentoring program, guiding agents through the steps necessary to jumpstart a business. The foundation of this strategy is based on the concept of product differentiation. By defining and providing for those off core services typically not expected by those in this industry, an agent inevitably becomes incomparable to the competition.

Raul has also incorporated an Agent Branding System® by which an agent gets imprinted as the expert in their respective submarket “farm” area. Most firms use a similar marketing strategy to brand the company name. At Home Wiz, the agent’s identity is the first to be branded, the company, second.

Significant steps have been taken to create a supportive atmosphere for real estate agents working with Home Wiz USA. As independent contractors, Realtors® find themselves struggling to provide themselves and their families with certain basic necessities, such as health insurance. To address this void, group health insurance benefits are now available to every Realtor® immediately upon joining the company.

Under Raul E. Orta’s leadership, the Home Wiz USA, archetype has provided the ideal setting where both new and experienced agents can realize their full potential.


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